Thursday, May 27, 2010

False Truths.

Truth is, I like seeing you everyday.
Truth is, I don't mind someone else stealing you away.
Truth is, you are the fairest of them all.
Truth is, beauty does not evade you but does to all.

Truth is, I don't care we'll never meant to be.
Truth is, there are other better things in life to see.
Truth is, life would continue and not wait nor pause.
Truth is, all these truths are false.

p.s. i hate this feeling. =(

Friday, September 18, 2009

Life, its meaning, and happiness

Anticipating college has been really a tough process for me. Firstly, i have ALOT of time on my hands to kill. And secondly, with so much free time to spare, i have unintentionally given myself so much more time to think about life. Well, i know what many of you might think, "Jon, thinking about LIFE??? You got to be kiddin' me" Well, guess what... I'm not. But seriously though, I think of life and I think of how short it is, and yet ironically, how we always take our time HERE, on earth for granted. Relationships, education, and entertainment might make my life a hell of ride... but would it give meaning... I guess underneath all the blabber above, I feel like the only thing that can give me meaning in life is 'my purpose in life'... and GOD of course...

I think that religion is the only thing that keeps us humans from becoming insane. Don't get me wrong, religion has certainly caused some ups and downs in MY life... but it certainly has brought me stabilty... Anyways.. back to my purpose in life... (damn.. almost went into one of those religious sermons with all the holy jargon) I believe that NO one can know their purpose in life. Its just impossible...Forget what you see in the movies... forget what you have seen from your favourite soap opera.. forget what you hear on your favourite songs

Theres no way a person can say that he wants to become a doctor, or a basketball player, just because at ONE definitive moment, he discovers that it is his calling in life. Believe me when I say that not many people can tell if something is their calling in life, even after their coffin is closed, and dirt is poured onto it.

So, after thinking about it, I realised that I am where I started. Confused. But i guess, my advice would be live your life to the fullest, live your life so that you might not have any regrets, and then you will ultimately live your life as if you were a 5 year old kid in Disneyland, happy. I think basically, a life spent with good people will definitely be a good one, regardless of the circumstances.

Anyways, i'll leave you with the quote of the day,

Happiness should not be an ingredient in your life to make it complete and pure. Instead, happiness should be a RESULT of you leading a complete and pure life.

(a pastor in my church, whom i have forgotten, said it)


till next time... ciaozzz

Thursday, September 10, 2009

i like a 'u busy?' VERY VERY much...

I talked about this girl last time. Whom, i kinda felt some sort of connection with. The feelings that she made me feel. However, whatever we have, its not official. Basically, she was my very own 'u busy?'. And to some extent, i was her 'u busy?'.

If u are asking what in the world is a 'u busy?', well i guess i'll obligely explain. In essence, it means a person whom u call, late at night, and ask the ultimate question.... 'u busy?' Then either one goes to the other's house to 'sleepover'. HAHAHA...

Well, my 'u busy?' is not as raunchy... its a MORE innocent version.. LOL... Anyway, we find ourselves calling each other in the middle of the night, usually startin with the words.... 'u busy?'
we spend time talking about intimate stuff, maybe going to each others place for a late movie, or planning a date for tmrw morning, or even slight cuddling. xD.. But the catch is, we're just 'u busy?'s.. Not a couple. Nothing more, nothing less. I've been doing this with her for about a month and a half. Maybe we're just really, really good friends. But to tell you the truth, i'm really exhausted, emotionally at least.

I think one of my main problems is that I like her very, very much. To a point where I wouldn't
mind her being my girl. We have so much in common, and she's a really great person to hang-out with. Alot of my friends say that I should just keep the relationship as it is. Because, they say that, whenever i take this relationship to the next step, we would end up hating each other because it would be out of the norm. Whatever that means...... Besides, we're both seeing other people. HAHA... Thats rite.. How much more screwed up can it be.

Thank goodness none of them know my blog.

Got to go... i wonder if she's busy... :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Sorry for not updating. I guess i could never find time blog. Well, ALOT has happened since the last time i blogged. World Stage was surely an event. That night in MOS that i will NEVER forget. Reunions with LONG lost friends.

Well in a nutshell, World Stage i had good fun. Got to see artists quite upclose. They ARE pretty normal. It is also that night dat i felt something dat i havent felt since high school. Up to now i still do not know wat it was. But i felt as if i had NOTHING to worry about in life. That there were NO expectations of me. That i had no responsibilities. It might have been due to the lyrics of AAR songs being played in the background, but somehow i felt FREE. lol..

Another update... I'm still very much single. HAHA.. maybe NOT so much.... but, officially single. I think...... i'm with her... unofficially dating. but, both of us dunno whether we should be in a relationship. kinda messed up i guess. maybe its because we're frm completely two different worlds.


why am i always in such complicated relationships...
till nxt time...

Monday, July 20, 2009

The One

Today i listened to a single album 9 times in a row while working. You might ask whose album could ever be so interesting. Well, if most of you havn't heard, there's this malaysian singer call Zee Avi, (who i personally think is THE malaysian to finally it big time, hence the title of this post) who is based in the US with the record label, Brushfire Records. A singer who is just brilliant. Blessed with a voice that can melt the hearts of many. Lyrics for her song are simple yet meaningful. Dats probly why i didn't mine listening to it for 9 times in a row. well... i guess i'm just playing my part in promoting homegrown talent. get the album.. its worth it... many of you might think her first single (bitter heart) might be abit to soft and slow for those of you pure hard rockers, give the rest of the album a chance.

if u loved colbie caillat, zee avi would win you over in an instant.

if u do get a hold of her album, watchout for these singles;

The Story
No Christmas for Me

they are my favourites....

jess, hoping to hear your views about the album...
Cy... i would like to know what you think about it.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I love you till the End

Song by The Pogues

I just want to see you
When youre all alone
I just want to catch you if I can
I just want to be there
When the morning light explodes
On your face it radiates
I cant escape
I love you till the end

I just want to tell you nothing
You dont want to hear
All I want is for you to say
Why dont you just take me
Where Ive never been before
I know you want to hear me
Catch my breath
I love you till the end

I just want to be there
When were caught in the rain
I just want to see you laugh not cry
I just want to feel you
When the night puts on its cloak
Im lost for words dont tell me
All I can say
I love you till the end

song from p.s. i love you...
touching movie... watch it

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Crazy Girl part 2

The title is like from a movie about a misfit in society, a crazy yet fun, a down right care free girl who finally gets to fall in love with the man of her dreams. On the contrary this is a story of CRAZY stalker, haunting the life of all so innocent boy, Jon Lee. HAHAHA... XD

well, guess what happened this morning. here was i, waiting for the lift to come, when from a distance, i saw a the same crazy woman walking towards me at a relatively fast pace. haha... nxt thing i knew, i ran to the stairs, and didn't stop till i was in my office. Guess i'm not yet ready to make friends. LOL...

i guess, she probly is kinda of a 'sticker'. shes super sticky and obsessive. But, if u wait long enough, the sticker would just probly drop off (oh God please!!!!)

Frisbee at INTI Nilai was really awesome.... got sunburned and a reality check that i have to really really work out and keep fit. as u might alrdy guess, we din do dat well, but i think overall it was good experience.

i gtg now... supervisor is really blowing her top off... (not literally of course)

Cy, the girl is really really really scary! haha